Take these skincare tips from Shruti Haasan to stay sexy and get away from boredom!

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All we need to do is give credit to the maker of this beautiful lady Shruti Haasan for her beautiful genes. No wonder why she is one of the most known names in the industry. Thanks to her gorgeous skincare and beautiful face, she never faced any difficulty with her looks. She is extremely mindful of her diet and beauty and often keeps on sharing her secret tips with her fans.

Below are some of the most powerful tips by Shruti Haasan to uplift your boredom and take your spirits high with these skin care tips-

Shruti Haasan consumes loads of water throughout the day, which we all must. She avoids any junk food to keep her skin alive. Drinking coconut juice is always healthy as it gives you the required nutrients and Shruti Haasan does it every day.

When it comes to her oily skin, she regularly washes her face to keep it dry. She loves to keep her skin moisturized as she has to shoot for 12-14 hours a day. Having a sun cream in your handbag to protect from the dust and rays is a must option.

Before going to bed, Shruti Haasan removes the excessive makeup on her skin and applies night cream to repair her skin. She doesn’t prefer many chemical products on her face but uses some of the best quality products. She is a great fan of DIY and often makes a face pack for herself. Applying lemon, tomato, and honey is the best way to remove tan.


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